Three Things

I did figure out one thing yesterday from my medical records. I’ve been putting everything I don’t understand into Google. I looked up “placenta at the os” and found that it is basically medical code for placenta previa. Placenta previa is quite common in the earlier stages of pregnancy (I had it with Elizabeth too), but the placenta usually moves up before delivery (which mine did last time). But maybe it doesn’t have time if you deliver super early. And apparently, the closer to the os, the more likely the chances of hemorrhage.

So, even though the amount of blood I lost wasn’t normal, it was at least normal for the situation I was in, which makes me feel a little better.


Another person in the grocery store today asked me if Elizabeth’s curls were natural. Honestly, is there anyone who spends the time to hold down a toddler and curl their hair? I suppose I could see it for a special occasion, but I don’t really think that special occasion is grocery shopping.


Someone is finally getting into dress-up. She brought me this dress and said “I wear dis, Mama? I wear dis?” So I helped her put it on and she wore it for the rest of the day.

And in this outfit (dress and sweater were normal clothes, she added the hat), she could easily have fit in at the Royal Wedding.

In this one, she is dressed as her daddy at work. And yes, he often carries several tiny princess dolls in his front pocket too.