Friday Night Leftovers

  • Did I mention that we have company coming to stay the weekend?
  • On the plus side, the house is so clean lately that I didn’t have to do any pre-company cleaning.
  • Elizabeth spoke to this relative on the phone this week and was told they were coming to visit.  Her immediate response: “you can bring me a present?”  Uh oh.  Already, Dibits?
  • Matt just called on the phone to ask me something.  I gave Elizabeth a phone so that she could talk too.  She held it up to the little dog’s ear and said “can you talk to Dada?”
  • I was looking at my folder of medical records the other day and realized that my first fertility related lab test was on January 22, 2007.
  • Elizabeth broke one of her clip clop shoes.  Now she doesn’t have any matching pairs.  (They were hand-me-down dress up shoes.  There was only one pair of matching shoes to begin with.)
  • Elizabeth likes to hand me my vitamins every morning.  Just now, she licked one of them before giving it to me.  Yum.
  • We are getting ready to go to the petting zoo near our house with the Mom’s Club.  Only one other mom has said that she will be there, so the odds that we will end up there alone are pretty high.  I don’t particularly care though, it is only about five minutes from our house.
  • I finally decided which shelf to get for the playroom- and it is out of stock.  Grr.

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