A Good Guy

It is a good daddy who picks up the sobbing, covered in vomit baby out of the crib and holds her to his chest, saying “it’s okay, I’ve got you” while he carries her to the tub.

It’s a good husband who then goes back and picks the vomit chunks out of the crib so that his wife doesn’t have to*.

*But then she threw up** a second time*** and we traded.  He gave the bath and I cleaned up the vomit.  But the second time, she didn’t just get the sheets, she also hit the wall, the carpet, and the bars of the crib.  So he actually made out rather well on this deal.  But he didn’t know that was going to happen when he was all sweet the first time.

**We have no idea why.  She was abominable at dinner, so perhaps she didn’t feel well.  But after throwing up twice between 10pm and midnight, she went back to sleep, slept all night, and seems fine today.

*** Me: “Well, the good news is that the first load of vomit laundry is in the dryer and should be dry soon.”  Matt: “what’s the bad news then?”  Me: “Um, that our evening contains the words “first load of vomit laundry?”

And yes, we still do sheet lasagna and have three layers of waterproof sheet, regular sheet, waterproof sheet, sheet, etc. kept on the crib at all times.  And my verdict is that three layers is acceptable.  One layer for the crib, one layer for the washer, and one layer for the dryer.