Morning Activity

Elizabeth’s “you bring me a present?” on the phone turned into a wagon.  The relatives like to bring/buy her something each time and Matt and I suggested that she might like a wagon.  (And that I might like this awesome wagon that turns into a bench for me to sit on while she is off doing her thing.)

And we were obviously correct.  She DOES like a wagon.

Yes, that is Elizabeth out playing in the garage in her wagon this morning.  Still in her pajamas.  She asked me “I go out and see my wagon?” so I opened the door for her.  Then she asked “you turn on the light pease, Mama?”  Then she asked “you bring me some toys, Mama?”

Then she spent a good hour this morning playing in her wagon in the garage, all by herself.

She’s getting to be so polite lately.  I am very proud of her.  She is remembering to ask me things in such a nice way.  She doesn’t always get the please tacked onto the end, but she is at least asking in a very nice, respectful way and not demanding like she did when she was small.  And she does remember the please about half the time.  She’s put in some very big steps in the last couple of weeks in politeness.  She’s such a nice girl.