Friday Night Leftovers

  • If you haven’t been back yet, go check out the comments on yesterday’s post.  It’s getting really interesting.  The comment section allows you to respond to a specific comment by clicking “reply” right underneath that comment and then your response will be shown under that comment so that we can have a nice conversation.  I’m loving all the stories.
  • I need to write “birthday wishes” for the first birthday of a baby I have never met.  (We were friends with the parents when we lived in Idaho, but haven’t seen them since before the baby was born.)  They are collecting little things from all their friends on card stock and are going to put it in her scrapbook.  I think it is the sweetest thing, but I am at a loss at what to write since I’ve never actually met this baby.  Anyone want to write it for me?
  • Matt is home today (rare) and Elizabeth is serving him pretend tea out of her tea set.  It is all kinds of cute.
  • I need to go to Target today and to Walmart.  I am nearly done with the playroom redecoration and I need a few things to finish it up.
  • I need to remember that when Trin Dog wants to go out in the backyard THAT BADLY that I should check for the poor backyard rabbit first.  The backyard rabbit is faster than Trin Dog, but I still feel bad at giving it such an adrenaline rush.
  • Has anyone ever had one of those glass covers installed over their gas fireplace?  How much-ish does it cost?  We had one of those glass covers over our fireplace in Idaho and I loved it, but it was already there when we got here.  The fireplace here is covered with a baby gate to keep Elizabeth from playing in it (also because when we moved here, there were black widow spiders in there and it didn’t seem like a good place to let a baby hang out) and I hate how that looks.  Also, we can’t use it while it is baby gated.  Of course, now it is summer, but I was thinking it might be easier to get a fireplace appointment in the summer.
  • Also, the little dog misses the fireplace in Idaho.  He used to lie with his back pressed up against the glass when the fireplace was on and he’d get so warm that he’d start panting.  And still he wouldn’t move away.  When he’d been panting for a few minutes, I always went and forcibly moved him away.
  • I have to go, Dibits just asked “Mama, you get me dressed?”  And yes, it’s ten thirty in the morning.

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