One of my Secrets

Now, to look at me, you wouldn’t think that I could possibly eat as much food as I do.  Matt is twice as large as me and at times, I out eat him rather severely.  People are often surprised to see how much food I actually eat.  At the Mom’s Club banquet this weekend, I helped myself to another full plate from the buffet while everyone else was eating dainty bites of the dessert.

Anyway, the point of that exposition is that when Elizabeth and I go on a picnic with friends, I make a giant bowl of something and bring it along to share.  It’s usually pasta salad because that is good picnic food.  Occasionally, I substitute potato salad or chicken salad.  I usually eat about two bowls worth and then pack the leftovers up to take home.

The secret is that when I get home, I almost always eat another bowl or two.  I mean, come on, it’s been an HOUR since I was last fed.

And if you’ll excuse me, we went on a picnic this morning and I have a bowl of potato salad to finish eating.