The Mail

Last night, our mail came really late.  Like 5:30pm late.  We’d been expecting a package, since we sent our Orlando spy down to Downtown Disney to get Elizabeth some toys that have suddenly become hard to find online.  And Barb told me that it ought to come yesterday, so we were watching out for it.

Matt opened the package and handed the (Rapunzel, obviously) toys to Elizabeth one by one.  She shrieked with delight and jumped up and down.  And then proceeded to sit down to play and not bother us for the rest of the night.

When bedtime came, Matt told Elizabeth that she could take some of the toys to her crib with her.  (“Um, Matt?” says Jen and trails off as it is now too late.)  Elizabeth thought that was a great idea and went to bed immediately with no protest.  (Which was a delightful turn of events as she has been legally stalling lately a lot and there is nothing much we can do about it.)

Then she woke up at 1:15am because Rapunzel had fallen out of the crib.

She was yelling “Rapunzel fell down!  Rapunzel fell down!”  And Rapunzel had indeed fallen down.  I had to pull the crib out away from the wall to get her.  And when I gave her back, Elizabeth carefully lined up all of her things by her head, to take inventory, and then went back to sleep.

The same thing happened a half an hour later and when Elizabeth woke up this morning.  (Hence my “um, Matt” statement.  Normally I don’t let Elizabeth take toys to bed.  They are allowed to read the story with us before bed and sing the song, but then they have to wait on the bookshelf until morning.)

But the point is that Elizabeth adores her new toys and is thrilled.  And she’s been playing with them nonstop.

But the REALLY exciting part?  This package contained my very first birthday present.  (My birthday is next week.  I am switching decades.)  And do you know what I am getting for my birthday?  Barb!  I get to pick her up at the airport and then keep her all weekend!  (And since I will have the car keys, I will simply not return her to the airport on Monday and keep her forever.)