Today, I went to a planning meeting for a mom’s club thing.  The kids that were there all played very nicely together, except for the host child who is very shy.  She sat next to her mother and attended the meeting.  About fifteen minutes after we got there, Elizabeth came rushing into the room, shouting delightedly, “they have a Tinkerbell!  They have a Tinkerbell!” (Have I mentioned that Tinkerbell is Elizabeth’s new THING?  Well, she watched one of those modern Tinkerbell-let’s-sell-lots-of-fairy-dolls movies a few days ago and she is hooked.)  (Also, have you seen those movies?  They aren’t terrible or anything, but the entire time I am watching, all I can think about is how they were planning the merchandising when they were making the movie.)

And indeed, they did have a Tinkerbell doll.  Elizabeth played with it the entire time we were there.  When I told her it was time to leave, she walked over to meet agreeably, and said “we take these home with us.”  She had Tinkerbell (obviously) and a Little People doll.  I told her no, those were the other girl’s toys and we were going to leave them.  Elizabeth wrinkled up her brow in concern.  (I mean, come on, Mama, it is TINKERBELL!)

The little girl, who hadn’t spoken a single word the entire time we were there, walked up to Elizabeth and said “you will not take those home with you.”  Elizabeth meekly handed them back to her.  It was adorable to see her bossed around by a three year old.