A Decade

Sigh.  I am a whole decade older than I was yesterday.  And Matt and I are the same age again, I won’t be his trophy wife again until March of 2012.

Yes, I am having a nice birthday, thank you.  :)  Elizabeth and I went and had her pictures taken this morning (yeah, I should say that I will post them here at some point, but since I only have prints and no disc, I’d have to scan them and what are the odds that I will get around to doing THAT?) and then we had lunch with friends.

Then I started doing all the laundry, so the birthday celebrations went downhill a little there, but we do need clean clothes, so I can’t complain.  (And I’ve always liked laundry a little bit since this one time when I was folding all our clothes and got all snippy and wished that I didn’t have all of Matt’s giant heavy clothes in there and then realized that if I didn’t have Matt’s clothes, I wouldn’t have Matt.  And now I am all grateful for tiny clothes too, and oooh, isn’t it just disgustingly sweet?  But anyway, I haven’t complained about laundry nearly as much since then.  And that was like five years ago.)

But the birthday celebrations begin in earnest tomorrow when my present arrives at the airport.  :)  I hope she’ll be wearing a big bow on top of her head.