Friday Night Leftovers

  • My Barb is here!  She brought her E with her, of course, and Elizabeth is thrilled.  Thrilled.  Since they got here two hours ago, Elizabeth has taught E to say his own name because she’s been delightedly shrieking it nonstop.
  • Matt is sweet.  He’s called me twice to make sure Barb got in okay and then to make sure we got home from the airport okay.
  • I was teasing Matt last night about how so many people told me happy birthday on Facebook (and my blog, thank you for that, by the way, love you guys) but he wasn’t one of them.  So he got out his cell phone from bed and wrote on my Facebook wall right then.  We are totally Facebook official.
  • Elizabeth is really excited about having a friend to stay.  She keeps kissing him.  And occasionally knocking him over with her exuberance.
  • At night, Elizabeth sleeps with baby dolls, but no other toys.  She has a Kermit the Frog lamp in her room and she is permitted to take toys up to bed with her to listen to the story, but then they go sit next to Kermit and she goes in her crib.  Yesterday, she got some small fairy toys from her Tinkerbell movie.  (These facts are a prelude to the next bullet point.)
  • 7:00am, exactly.  I go into Elizabeth’s room to see her holding her two crib babies to her chest tightly.  “Good morning, Elizabeth, do you have your babies there?”  “I need my fairies.  I need my fairies.  Thank you, Kermit, for keeping my fairies safe.  Mama, push me to my fairies.  Mama, I need my fairies.”  (Once, I pushed her crib to the bookshelf so she could reach her dolls herself.)  “Good job, Kermit, for keeping my fairies safe at night.  Mama, I need my backpack for my fairies.”

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