Friday Night Leftovers- Snake Man Edition

  • Elizabeth and I went to the Snake Guy at the library today.  We went last year too.  Last year, Elizabeth (being one and a half) didn’t really get a lot out of the program.  I was excited to take her this year and have her actually notice that the guy was holding snakes.
  • It did not go well this year.
  • We met friends of ours from the neighborhood there.  I took chicken nuggets.  It was all looking good.
  • But we were in the back.  Elizabeth didn’t even seem to notice there was a program going on up there.  It was hot.  The woman I have successfully avoided for six months and seven days was there.  Elizabeth decided she had to go to the bathroom.  We went inside the library.  It was cool in there.  She went to the bathroom.  We went back outside.  Before we even got back to our spot, she declared that she had to go to the bathroom again.  We went back to our spot instead.
  • She whined and whined.  I told our friends we were just going to leave instead.  I picked up all our stuff.  We went to the car.  Elizabeth got in her car seat and drank a juice.  I drove us across the street to Sonic and got a slush.  (I was hot too.)  Elizabeth asked very nicely if we could go back to her friends.  I said yes.  I parked at the post office.  I put my slush on top of the car.  I opened the trunk.  My slush (which I had taken exactly one sip of) fell off the top of the car onto my foot.  Elizabeth shrieked, “it fell down!  We have to get another one!  We have to clean it up!”  We walked across the post office lawn to the library to find out that our friends had also left.  Elizabeth sobbed “but I have to say buh-bye!”
  • We got stamps at the post office.  Elizabeth fell down and scraped her knee.  I put her in the car seat and gave her a bandaid.  We drove back to Sonic intending to replace my slush.  I got an ice cream flurry instead.  (Which was terrible.  Has Sonic ice cream always been this terrible?  I don’t remember this.)
  • And Elizabeth cried “I need to see the Snake Man” the whole way home.  She didn’t believe me that what we had just been at WAS the Snake Man.  (Toddlers, why won’t they listen to reason and logic?)

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