Middle of the Night

Last night, I got Calliope from the airport and hung out with her for a little while.  She’s here for a conference and I’m not sure that I’ll get to see her again (BOOO).

We talked to Mel on Skype while I was there.

I love my friends, by the way.  I got home (pretty much in the middle of the night, even though I didn’t stay nearly long enough) and told Matt that I want to move all my friends to live on the same street as me.

Matt put Elizabeth to bed last night, since I was going out.  She goes to bed for him now.  She didn’t for years.  Mama was the only one who would do.  Which meant that when I went out, she stayed awake for hours crying in Matt’s arms.  So we totally appreciate the ease at which she goes to sleep now.

(Matt and I were talking the other night and we mentioned how totally nice it is that now we can put her to bed and assume that she will fall asleep and stay asleep.  This is a new turn of events.  Her sleep has been pretty awful since she was born.  And she comes by it honestly, neither Matt or I sleep very well.  But we were wondering if there will come a point where we aren’t surprised and thankful for her good sleep anymore, but just take it for granted.  Or am I going to be exclaiming with joy about her sleeping through the night when she is fourteen?)

So, Elizabeth went to sleep just fine for Matt.  But she woke up crying at 2:55am.  I went in her room, patted her back, and she went back to sleep.  Then I realized that pretty much every night that Matt puts her to bed (I put her to bed probably 97% of nights), she wakes up crying in the middle of the night.  She’s looking for me, checking to see if I am home.