The Specialist Appointment

So, yesterday, I went to the specialist, the perinatologist.  I expected it to be a pretty low-impact, no big deal appointment and it was.  But I also came away feeling very satisfied and well cared for.

Basically, everything I expected to happen, happened.  I met with the doctor in his office, we reviewed my history and my records, and talked about a plan.  As I expected, he didn’t have any magic answers to what happened.  He thinks it is likely that my miscarriages were not related, but just kind of random bad luck.  He thinks the first one could have been caused by progesterone deficiency though, which is totally what I have been saying for years.  (And no OB has ever listened to me about, thank you very much.)

He is running a batch of tests that my OB didn’t run and we may get more answers or change the plan.  Or we may not.  The current plan is for me to start baby aspirin when we start trying again and to supplement with progesterone.  I’m also considered more high risk now for future pregnancies, but not a LOT high risk or anything, since there is nothing we know of that can actually be done.

Basically, I was just happy to have someone actually look for answers instead of just saying “eh, well, it probably won’t happen again.”  This doctor also said it probably won’t happen again, but he also said “and let’s check these few things to make sure.”  And that is exactly what I wanted from this appointment.