Movie Discrepancies

Elizabeth gets to watch part of a movie before bed most nights.  (She doesn’t have time to watch a whole one, she usually only gets a half hour to forty-five minutes.)  Which means that Matt and I watch part of a movie before Elizabeth goes to bed most nights.

Elizabeth’s favorites are mostly Disney/Pixar movies, with some standard Disney thrown in too.  Lately, she has been very into the Tinkerbell movies.

Matt and I watch the movies with her, although usually not with our full attention.  I usually clean up the kitchen after dinner and Matt usually looks at his email or his websites.  But we have seen enough of these movies to find discrepancies in the movie logic.

Look, I have no problem accepting that toys can talk and that fairies exist.  But I insist that you follow your own rules after you’ve committed to them.  So, I ask you:

  • Why can’t Mrs. Potato Head continue to talk when her lips are removed, but Mr. Potato Head can?
  • Why can’t fairies fly in the rain (because their wings get wet) but a little girl can (she doesn’t even HAVE wings)?
  • If you were going to kidnap a princess for her magic hair, why wouldn’t you move just a little farther away from her castle so that it isn’t just a short horse ride to discover and rescue her?
  • Speaking of kidnapping princesses with magic hair, why hide them in a giant tower that sticks up from the ground?  Wouldn’t an underground tunnel or a cave be a little more subtle?
  • After the first restaurant is shut down due to rats, how do they explain all the little rat sized stairs and platforms in the second restaurant to the health inspector?  If you were tied up and gagged by a gang of rats, don’t you think you’d be just a little suspicious of the people running that restaurant next time if it appeared to be set up for rat chefs?
  • How come a little girl who can walk, use the bathroom, and draw rather well cannot talk yet except with baby talk?

What about you?  What are your problems with movie logic?