Friday Night Leftovers

  • We have had one of our busiest two week periods on record.  We’ve had a fairly big activity every single day.  We are staying home today just because I think we need it.
  • So I am doing loads of laundry and cleaning the house and finishing up a few projects.
  • Remember my rule about cleaning up the house every single night before bed?  Well, last night I didn’t.  Want to know why?  Because I was editing THAT very post to send in to my mom’s club newsletter.
  • Then the little dog insisted on coming downstairs to go outside after I was in bed.  So I cleaned up while he was outside.  And it only took me about three minutes and then I felt stupid for not just doing it in the first place.
  • I’ve been doing much better at keeping up with my email lately.  I still have one email that I’ve been meaning to answer for weeks, but only one.  (And to be fair, it’s not just an email, it’s a guest post I need to think about and write.)
  • Elizabeth took a half an hour nap in the car this week and absolutely confirmed my decision to drop her nap.  She stayed awake for HOURS that night.  All over a half an hour of sleep.
  • Courtney and I are going to build Elizabeth a play fridge.  And now that I’ve said it here, we actually have to do it.
  • Today’s plan: laundry, clean the laundry room, organize the laundry room, frame the picture that (finally, it’s about time, Shutterfly) came yesterday, hang the pictures in the playroom, go to the post office.
  • I have to go now, Elizabeth says “Mama, Mama, come sit with me, pease!”