After Life

I’m often told that I have a baby waiting for me in heaven.

I don’t actually think so. Now, what I believe isn’t what that statement makes it sound like. I do believe in heaven. I’ve always felt that there is just too MUCH in souls for them to just disappear. So, yes, I believe that my baby is in heaven. But, heaven is not earth. The same rules need not apply. So I don’t believe Luke is waiting for me in heaven. I believe that I was there waiting for him. You see, in heaven, time doesn’t have to be linear. No matter when I die here, I can still arrive in time to take him into my arms so that he is never alone.

And yes, this was basically what happened at the end of the series Lost, which had me shouting at the television screen for stealing my ideas without giving me a writing credit.

I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time, but sometimes it is hard to write about things that can be controversial (and I’ve yet to find any religious topic that at least someone doesn’t disagree with) and open yourself up to trolls. You are welcome to disagree with me, but before you comment, please remember that today marks three months since my son was born dead and if you can’t be polite, please don’t say anything at all.