Friday Night Leftovers

  • We had two sets of friends over today (for a total of four kids) and they got out almost every toy we own.  (Everything in the bins and everything in the dress up closet.  They left the bookshelf alone.)  It only took me fourteen minutes to clean it all up and put everything back where it goes.  So I am now no longer allowing my friends to help me clean up, I can totally handle it myself.
  • I do love having friends over.  Even when we totally do not accomplish what we intended to do.
  • We meant to build Elizabeth’s play kitchen refrigerator today.  But when I went to rent the pneumatic nail gun we needed, the store didn’t have it.  We tried to pre-build it with wood glue, but the boards were warped enough that it didn’t work without more power.  So we’ll try again next week.
  • If you have Facebook, go vote for Calliope.  She’s one of four finalists and several of the others are…let’s just say that they are doing things that aren’t technically cheating.  So go vote for Calliope so that GOOD CAN PREVAIL.  (Also, her video is the best, I watched them all.)
  • I had something I was going to ask you guys today, hmm…
  • Matt, Dibits, and I are going out for dinner tonight.  To the barbeque place, they are having an all you can eat special.  And I can eat a lot of barbeque.
  • I just looked in yesterday’s post and apparently I forgot a link.  I fixed it and here it is again, in case you missed it yesterday, me with curly hair as an adult.  (Messy curly hair, just out of the shower.)
  • Remember that bird mobile I posted about?  Well, when I put it up, I had already mailed it to Barb as a surprise.  I am just so sneaky.

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