AboutOne Review

Recently, I got a chance to try out a new online information storage system.  It’s called AboutOne and it was started by a mom who needed important stuff and didn’t have it and couldn’t get it.  So she started AboutOne in response to her need.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of days, but I am already impressed.  It has the ability to store Health Records, Education Records, Home Records, your Address Book, Family Memories, and Vehicle Records.  You can access these records from anywhere with internet access and it is protected by bank level security.

I am really excited about the Health records thing.  Do you know how many health records we have left behind when we’ve moved?  Basically, I start a new medical chart every single time I move.  I mean, I try to transfer records and all, but it is a huge pain and I am in the middle of moving and doing everything else.  Then the old doctor’s office doesn’t ever get around to faxing my records and by the time I find that out, it is a year later at my next appointment and I can’t even remember the name of my old doctor’s office.

I’m also excited about the address book because I have lost my address book three times in the last ten years to computer crashes.  AboutOne is currently backing it up for me.  RIGHT NOW.

AboutOne also does really convenient things like print out babysitter information sheets and make up a family newsletter.

Anyway, I think this is a great tool for organization and I am loving how it keeps everything in one place.  Right now, I am just adding things as I come across them (for example, when I called the vet on Monday, I quickly added the vet’s information into Trin’s profile on AboutOne) so I haven’t even had to sit down and spend hours on this.  I am thinking in a few months, I will have basically everything we use in there and I can stop storing things in twelve different places.

If you think that this sounds like a great idea, I have a code for a free trial for you.  But it is only good today and tomorrow, so sign up now!  (Signing up took me…oh, twelve seconds.) The code is JUNEFREE (code expires on 6/30).

*Disclaimer:  AboutOne gave me a free trial of the service.  But they are giving you one too.  And obviously I am telling you the truth in my review here.