Protect Me, Dada!

Dear Internet,

It is I, Dibits.  I have come to you with a complaint.  An injustice.  A travesty.

Every single night (EVERY NIGHT!), my mama makes me go to bed.  It’s so not fair.  I don’t even get to stay up all night ever.  JUST ONCE is all I ask.

Obviously, after I go to bed, Mama and Dada play with all my toys and eat candy.

All I want to do is stay awake all night, eat all the candy I want, and play with my fairies.  It will be so fun.

Let me show you a video.  (Or, as I call it, a bid-eo.)  This is me, trying to convince my Dada to protect me from Bedtime.

Now, why should such a cute baby as me have to do anything that she does not want to do? Particularly go to bed?


Elizabeth the Great