Friday Night Leftovers- The Incredibly Long Version

  • Yesterday, I took the little dog to the vet because he has been driving us crazy.  He’s always had an anxious personality, like some people do.  But he dealt with things without losing his mind.  In the last few months however, his anxious switch has been flipped to LEVEL FIVE ALERT CODE RED CODE RED CODE MAGENTA THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING HIDE ME HELP ME BARK BARK BARK.  So I took him to the vet and said, “Vet, please treat this dog for anxiety.”  The vet said “well, let’s rule out all the physical causes first and blah blah blah, here are some blood tests.”
  • Then the vet casually mentioned that the dog in the next room was actively dying and I said “good heavens, man, we can wait, go take care of that dog.”
  • So we waited.  (A lot, but like I said, the dog in the next room was actively dying.  I understood.  As much as it sucks to be stuck in a tiny room with a toddler and a highly anxious little dog, it would suck MUCH MORE to be in the next room.)
  • The results of the blood tests came back and the vet told me that there were only two abnormalities.  One, which means the dog is likely dehydrated.  I looked at the puddles of anxious drool and the dog that had been sweating and panting for two hours and said “yes, go on.”  And the other which has two possible causes- leukemia or long term anxiety.
  • I think the vet expected me to freak out here.  I mean the dog might have leukemia!  But, I took the dog to the vet to be treated for anxiety, so I am fairly certain that his results are due to long term anxiety.
  • So, we were referred to a dog behaviorist.  (Which, let’s be clear, is pretty much a dog psychiatrist.)  And I demanded a short term fix of some anxiety pills.  Pills that, according to the vet who stressed this a lot, I am permitted to give to the dog ONLY AS NEEDED.
  • So we were home for less than two minutes before I had one of those pills in the little dog.  And low and behold, giving an anxious dog medication for anxiety completely cures him in fifteen minutes.
  • Exhibit A:

  • For MONTHS, he has only been able to tremble and hide under my feet.  (I’ve been tripping on him a lot because he was ALWAYS underfoot.)  As soon as I gave him the medicine, he went off to chill by himself.  He did follow me around like he always does, but much more casually.  So I am hoping that this medication will get him over this anxious period and let him deal with the world again.  (But I will still call the specialist, I promise.)
  • Also, how much do normal people suck that the vet was so astounded that I let him take care of the dying dog before us that he gave us a discount and thanked us for ten minutes?  I mean, wouldn’t MOST people be cool with that?  Isn’t that just standard procedure?  Life threatening emergencies get precedence over a dog that can’t keep it together, even if we did have an appointment?  (Also, sadly, that dog did die.  I felt so bad.)
  • Anyway, about other subjects than the anxious little dog…
  • I joined Calliope’s Summer Camp in the Blogosphere.  Today’s assignment is to show the place that you normally blog.  Here is my computer desk.

It’s in the “breakfast nook”- you know, the place where you are supposed to put your kitchen table?  Except we only have dining room table (I don’t like having two separate places to eat, I think it is a waste of space), and we eat in our dining room.  So my computer is in the window and…

Elizabeth’s play kitchen is next to it.  (The actual kitchen is behind me, the living room to the right.  All directions are given from my chair, as that is where I am sitting now to write this.)

And in case you missed the tan blob under my desk in the first picture, a non-anxious dog coming out from under my desk, where he had been calmly chilling on his own, and only got up when I knelt down to take his picture.  (All this from one-quarter of an anxiety pill, 24 hours earlier!)

  • We went out to dinner tonight and Elizabeth was super adorable.  I dressed her in a fairly fancy dress- cotton, but with sticking out skirts and a matching headband.  And one of her pairs of shoes happens to match like it was bought for this outfit, little blue mary janes.  People were stopping us in the street to tell me how cute she was.  And she was in a super charming mood too, polite, agreeable.
  • She was so cute and charming at dinner and so polite to the waitress (“I would like some yemonade, pease”) that the waitress gave us a bunch of extra, free stuff.  About a third of the way through our meal, the waitress came out with a little bowl covered over with another little bowl and told Elizabeth that she could look in it when she was done with her dinner.  (Obviously, Elizabeth’s immediate response was “I am all done!”)  It had three cookies in it.  (If you order a kid’s meal, which we did not, you only get two cookies.)
  • Elizabeth’s kids drink was not included on our bill.
  • And, the giant one.  We were eating the all-you-can-eat deal (which is actually cheaper than if you buy it not all-you-can-eat, they don’t advertise it) at the barbeque place.  You get all the barbequed pork, chicken, ribs, and sides that you want.  We ate lots.  As we were leaving, our waitress came out with another HUGE order of all the things we ordered and said “shh!  I loved you guys so in a minute I will bring you some take out boxes.  Obviously I am not supposed to do this, so don’t tell anyone.”  You guys, she gave us almost a WHOLE chicken, two plates of pork, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, french fries, and mac and cheese.  It was ridiculous.  We can totally eat it for dinner tomorrow night.  Two huge takeout boxes of food.  Pounds of food.  Like the bag was heavy.
  • We left her a really nice tip and on the way out, I told her manager that she was fantastic.  (Obviously, I did not rat her out about all the free stuff.)
  • Then we went to Walmart, where Elizabeth went to the toy department with Matt while I did a return.  Can you guess what happened?  Then while we were in line to buy Elizabeth’s new toy, Elizabeth and the little girl in line in front of us both sat down on the floor to play with her new toy.  Then the little girl’s older sister came over to play too.  That is how you know you have a winner toy.  (I don’t get it, it’s like a closet for Barbie sized Disney Princess dolls to keep their clothes in.  It didn’t even come with a doll, just a dress and some hangers and a pair of shoes.  But apparently it is a winner with the under six set.)

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