Summer Camp, Day Two

Day 2 -What were you like in high school? What extracurricular activities, if any, did you take part in during high school? Did you consider yourself a writer?

I was shy in high school.  Very shy.  I was also a dork and I wasn’t yet comfortable in myself.  I went to a giant high school and didn’t fit in.  There were approximately four thousand kids in my high school.

See, a dork:

(P.S.  Matt was one of those four thousand kids in my high school.  Yes, we’ve been together that long.  Aren’t we all adorable?)  (Top picture from the beginning of high school, bottom picture from the end of high school, where I was less dorky.)

I was in drama, where I was too shy to do particularly well, but I was in one or two plays per year.  I was also in gymnastics, but I wasn’t that great at that either.  I didn’t so much fit in.  You see, I have always been rather good and innocent and adorable and let’s just say that the rest of my high school was not.  People at my school used to ask me what I did on the weekends if I didn’t drink or do drugs.  (How sad that they couldn’t even conceive of another way to entertain themselves.)

Anyway, it wasn’t until college that I finally felt comfortable in myself.  Senior year of high school was better than the others because I was dating Matt then and he kind of protected me from some of the awfulness.  (And, once that year, he held a kid up against the wall and told him that if he ever spoke to me again, he’d regret it.  Then that kid stayed on the opposite side of the classroom from me for the rest of the year.)

In high school, I didn’t consider myself a writer at all.  In fact, it is only recently that I’ve accepted in my own mind that I am actually reasonably good at this writing thing.  I actually thought I was a bad writer in high school.  (I know it probably doesn’t show on the internet, but my main strengths are things like math and geometry and sciences and analytical type things.  In college, I admitted to myself that I could write a beautiful analytical lab report, but I still thought I sucked at creative writing.)

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