Questions, Part Two

From Searching for SerenityI know how much you love Disney. What is your all time Disney favorite character? What is your all time favorite Disney movie?

Hmm, those are hard questions!  I am bad at picking favorites.  Let’s see, I like mostly classic Disney stuff.  I am more a fan of the parks really than the movies.  So most of my Disney stuff is more park related.  And I definitely cannot pick a favorite Disney movie.  I like the Pixar movies and now they are Disney.  I like a lot of the older Disney movies too, like The Parent Trap, Pollyanna, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, etc.


From BrandyLet’s talk fun! What’s one of your favorite low or no cost activities to get you and Dibits out of the house?

Well, my favorite no cost activities are playdates at other people’s houses.  (I actually have a slight preference to playdates at my house because then I don’t have to put on shoes, but you asked about things that get us out of the house.)  Elizabeth has something to do (New toys! Friends!), I have someone to talk to (Grownups!) and we are in a contained, baby-proofed area.

This summer, we are also enjoying things like going to the pool with friends and going shopping with friends.  (We went to IKEA the other day and I only spent $20, is that low cost?)  We like a nice playground when the weather is nicer.  We joined the zoo this year so that we can now go for free.  (The cost of joining was slightly more than two visits and we’ve been four times now already.  We’ll go again when it cools off some.)  We’ve also been having fun lately doing playdates with food.  Like “why don’t you guys come over and we’ll make doughnuts?”

We’re planning a dress up party/playdate soon and a movie/pajama party one of these days too.


From Megan– My question- are the play silks still a huge hit? I think they would be fun!

The play silks are still going strong.  They are mostly used for superhero capes lately (or “super capes!” if you are two) and for hide and seek.  Elizabeth still occasionally uses them to dress up in, which means that she brings them to me one at a time so that I can tie them around her.  Sometimes the kids will each grab one in their hand and then they run frantically around the house so that they stream out behind them.  (They run frantically around the house for their super capes to stream out behind them too.)  One of Elizabeth’s friends was over the other day and when he got home, his daddy asked him what he did that day.  His only response (and we went to the park, to lunch, and here to play) was “I wore a cape!”  So, yes, they are still a giant hit.  I think we will have to get some more pretty soon.


From CeceSweet or salty? Caffeine or no?

Sweet.  But also salty.  And sweet and salty together are pretty good too.  (Sometimes, I will make up a bowl of snacks for myself and put in potato chips (kettle cooked!), mini marshmallows, dry roasted peanuts, and milk chocolate chips.  Excellent.)  I would identify myself as a sweets person though, if forced to choose.

No caffeine.  I drink almost no caffeine.  When I have soda, it is Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper.  (But regular Dr. Pepper, I do not like diet sodas, ick.  I am so glad that Georgia keeps Caffeine Free Regular Dr. Pepper in stock.  Florida didn’t.  Idaho did.)  I will occasionally drink a caffeinated soda, but I have to make sure it is at lunch, not dinner.  I gave up caffeine right after I graduated college, when it started interrupting my sleep.  And I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t get caffeine through coffee either.


As you can see, I am slooowly working my way through the questions post.  My comments are normally emailed to me, which is how I read them, but it wasn’t working exactly right when I did that comment return post.  I think I got everyone, but if I missed you through a technical glitch, feel free to point it out to me.  🙂