Summer Camp, Day Three

Blog Summer Camp, Day 3 -What are your guilty pleasures?

Internetting.  And internetting some more.  I don’t know if that is a guilty pleasure though.  I suppose it is a little guilty, since I don’t really tell most people just how much internetting I really do.  Let’s see, let me check.  My Google Reader says:

From your 258 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 2,052 items.

And it also says:

Since November 7, 2007 you have read a total of 83,384 items.

(It appears that November 7, 2007 is the glorious day that I discovered Google Reader.  Before that, I was reading blogs by hand!  Yikes!)

I don’t know how it is counting “items” but I suspect I’ve read a lot more than that.  When my reader is empty (and yes, even with 258 subscriptions, it is empty quite often), I click around and read other things.  I’ve also read a lot of archives.

Let’s see, can I think of any other guilty pleasures?  I suppose gossip, I really love to talk about things.  It is because I am tremendously nosy and I like to know everything that is going on with everyone.  (Why do you think I love blogs so much?  I really like knowing what is going on with YOU.)  I wouldn’t say that I am a vicious gossiper though, I’m not like talking about people behind their backs in a mean way or anything.

I also rarely admit to two of the television shows I watch.  I have three DVR subscriptions (I know, I don’t watch that much television) and I only admit to Mythbusters.  I also watch two other shows.  (Although, I don’t think the second one is going to last much longer, I am getting tired of it.)  Oh, wait, I forgot, I also just added Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to my DVR list, so I suppose I have four shows now and two that I can admit to.  (And I tend to cry through the whole Extreme Makeover show because I am just so happy for everyone.)

Anyone want to admit to their guilty pleasures in the comments section?