Summer Camp, Day Five

Day 5 -What do you prefer to do on your birthday?

It depends.  My dream this year (my birthday was last month) was to eat dinner without having to get up from the table once.  It didn’t happen.  My actual birthday fell on a Thursday this year and I am pretty sure that we just had a regular day.  The next day though, Barb came to visit (yeah, Barb!) and we had birthday festivities.  We went to the Aquarium and had dinner at the hibachi restaurant.

I am not that huge on birthdays.  I haven’t been for a while, actually.  My sister is really excited about birthdays and that kind of killed my excitement early on.  (She’s excited enough for both of us on my birthday.  She considers my birthday to be the second best day of the year.  I think she’s nuts.  Sweet, but nuts.)  I also don’t like how everyone I’ve ever known calls me on the phone.  (I love it when people that I talk to regularly call me on my birthday, but if you only call me once and year, well, we don’t have much to talk about.)

However, I do like to continually remind Matt that it is my birthday and make him give me hugs.  I also like the guilt free going out to dinner that I get, to wherever I want.  And of course, I like cake, even if I normally bake it for myself.  (I can’t remember if I made cake this year.  I am pretty sure I did last year, but this year I think we already had baked goods in the house and I didn’t think we needed more.  A few days after my birthday, Courtney made me cupcakes, I do remember that.)

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