Questions, Part Three

From Tasha– What did you think about your freebie FB diaper? How did it compare to your usual brand?  What’s your favorite thing to do with Elizabeth? What’s your favorite thing to do alone?  What’s the last book you read? What’s the last movie you watched?

I loved my free FuzziBunz diaper.  I am still a loyal BumGenius user, but I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy with Fuzzibunz either.  In fact, there were a few things I like better about FB.  (For example, they adjust for sizing kind of internally, with the elastic, instead of with snaps on the front.)  They also have RED and PURPLE in Fuzzibunz.  BumGenius does not and I have always felt that is a huge oversight.

I don’t think I really have one favorite thing to do with Elizabeth.  I really like it when we are doing something together that is working for us.  We’ve been making pancakes together lately and that is something on par with her skill level.  (She can stir the pancakes and direct the operation.)  It’s harder when I am doing something like making dinner and she’s really not up to frying chicken and such yet.  Then we just both get frustrated.  But when we have some kind of together activity that we are both into, that is great.

My favorite thing to do alone is to read!  And the last book I read, I think it was The Story of the Amulet.  I love E. Nesbit.

The last movie I watched was part of The Muppet Movie, last night, with Elizabeth and Matt before Elizabeth went to bed.  The last whole movie I watched was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Matt and I are trying to catch up so that we can go see the last one in the theater.


From ~Shari– If I drove through Atlanta (on my way to Florida) would you consider a meet and greet with me?
How open are you to meet and greet people that you don’t know in real life?  and while I am in Florida what are a few attractions or just fun places to visit (besides Disney – that is a given)

Sure!  I love meeting people that I don’t know in real life.  I always do it if given the chance.  There have been a few times where I have wanted to go and haven’t been able to, but I’ve met lots of blog people and they are uniformly awesome.

And for Florida, Sea World and Universal are always good too.  Especially Universal with the new Harry Potter section.  But I am a loyal Disney person and I can’t imagine much better than all Disney, all the time.


From Pearl– A practical question! (You may have already answered this, in which case, sorry). What happened to the oil facial cleansing? Did it work? Did up go back to it? Also, a comment: you rock. 

No, I haven’t been doing the oil cleansing method on my face since we moved.  I had to (obviously) dump out my oil bottle to pack and I wasn’t loving it that much.  I mean, it felt awesome and it was a pleasant experience.  (You rub oil on your face and then steam it off with a hot washcloth.)  But it seemed like it was giving me a lot of blackheads.  (Or not getting rid of my naturally occurring blackheads, I do not have good skin.)  I probably could play around with my oil mixture a little and fix that, but I haven’t bothered yet.  I’ll probably try again eventually.

And thanks for telling me I rock!  🙂