Summer Camp, Day Seven

Day 7– What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you read food blogs or would you ever consider writing one?

For breakfast, if I got to choose anything, it would be two eggs, fried over medium, with ham, breakfast potatoes, and sourdough toast.  Mmm…

Normally I just have whatever Elizabeth is having though.  Today I had a pancake shaped like a rainbow.

For lunch, I think I’d go for a nice soup and salad combo.  I love soup and salad.  Good soup and salad though, bad soup and bad salad can be REALLY bad.  I’d need a nice sourdough roll with real butter on the side.  You have to have something to dip in the soup.

For dinner, I’d like a pasta carbonara.  Yes.  With a sourdough baguette, with real butter.

Hmm, was there a unifying sourdough bread theme throughout that whole day’s worth of meals?  Yes, I like bread.  Sourdough bread is my favorite.

I don’t really read food blogs.  I have in the past, but they tend to not make it too long in my reader.  And I would never write a food blog.  I do recipes and cooking posts here sometimes and they are WAY too much work to do on any kind of regular basis.

This post is part of Calliope’s Summer Camp in the Blogosphere.  Why don’t you join in?