Friday Night Leftovers

  • If you’ve got a second, could you go vote for me?  I’m on the nomination page for Babble’s Top Fifty Mom Bloggers and it would make me feel special.  Annoyingly, I can’t send you to an easy link, but if you click here, then choose alphabetical, I am on page 7.
  • We had friends over this morning and then went out to lunch.  It was needed, all the kids were going stir crazy.
  • I’ve run across something locally that I’ve not seen many other places.  In a lot of restaurants here, if you order a drink while you are eating in, they offer you a to-go cup when you leave of that drink.  I really like that, especially when they charge so much for drinks in restaurants now.
  • Tiny birds are pulling small pieces of my outside back door mat out and then flying away with them.  They’d better name at least one of their baby birdies after me.
  • I went to a playdate a week ago and the mom had bought my favorite kind of soda just for me.  (Everyone say: awww!)
  • I swear, the flies wait by my door for me to let the dogs in or out and they fly in as soon as the door opens.  And then they buzz around my head while I try to write on my blog.  STUPID FLIES.
  • When is the internet going to pick up again?  This happened last year too, everyone either goes on vacation or the heat or are too busy swimming or something, but the internet gets so sparse and empty during the summer.  I am bored, people!
  • I have to go sand a play fridge now so that maybe I can paint it this weekend.
  • P.S.  Vote for me so that I feel popular, okay?  I’ve never been nominated for anything before.

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