Cute Baby Saturday

As requested, here’s how the wooden play fridge is coming along. Matt took this picture on his cell phone and would like to point out that this is how he views the world, from up high, at a sharp angle. (He’s tall.)

And my job today is to fix that broken freezer door that snapped in half. (Not Elizabeth’s fault, I saw it break.)

Now on to the Cute Babies. If you need a few minutes to make dinner and have some old spices that need to be thrown away, may I suggest that you let a Cute Baby sprinkle them down the sink.

It will entertain them for quite a while. However, you will have to clean your sink when the Cute Baby is finished.

For a deeply important question, who stole my little tiny baby and replaced her with this little girl?

I mean, look how LONG she is?

And she’d like you to admire her Tinker Bell bandaid.