Tiny Opinions

Elizabeth is starting to have opinions and be able to voice them.

Wait a minute, what am I saying?  Elizabeth was born with very strong opinions.  I believe she was only hours old when I was describing her as “fierce.”

However.  Lately, she’s starting to have opinions about things that she never acknowledged before.  We used to order for her at restaurants.  Now, when the waiter asks what we’d like to drink, Matt and I answer and then, unprompted, Elizabeth tells the waiter “and I would yike a small yemonade!”  (And lately, it’s been a “small PINK yemonade!”)

Today, I went to do the grocery shopping while Matt and Elizabeth stayed home.  I made up the shopping list and then went upstairs to ask Matt if there was anything he wanted from the store this week.  He was thinking about it and Elizabeth piped up (in a darling little clear voice), “will you bring me some crunchies from the store?”

(Crunchies are Gerber Graduate Yogurt Melts.  No one tell her that they are supposed to be for babies.  She looooves them.  She gets one pack a week and usually finishes them off while we are still at the store together.)

I suppose she’s always had very strong opinions, but now her requests are branching out from things that are right in front of her to more abstract things that she has memories of.

And, of course I brought her crunchies from the store.