Friday Night Leftovers

  • I officially declared Dibits to be left handed.  (Well, as much as you can declare the handedness of a two year old.)
  • Elizabeth is currently reenacting the scene in Tangled where the evil witch takes all the flowers out of Rapunzel’s hair and says “it never happened.”  This involves Dibits standing behind me on my chair, poking things into my hair, pulling them out, and saying “it never happened.”  Apparently this is a really fun game.  She’s using a small stick right now to poke into my hair.
  • Last night, when I went to retrieve Elizabeth from Matt’s lap to take her to bed, she looked at me and declared “I’m in-jiz-a-ble.”  Sadly, she was saying “invisible” properly moments later.  It was incredibly adorable while it lasted.  Well, I mean, a two year old thinking that she can escape bed by claiming to be invisible is always pretty adorable.
  • Now she’s using her flower crown from her Halloween costume in my hair.  That’s actually pretty accurate for the movie scene.  And she’s saying “Is it perfect?!?  It never happened.”
  • The little dog is rocking out on his anti anxiety pills.  He hasn’t even had one in five days or so and he’s acting totally normally.  (Normal for HIM, which is still neurotic, but not like he was when he was LOSING HIS MIND.)  It’s like he just needed that extra medicinal help to get over that hump and now he can deal with the world again.
  • The Summer Block Party is going on through the end of the month.  Obviously, I don’t often do things like this.  I’m doing this one because I loved the product.  And it would really help me out if tons of people entered and signed up for the free trial.  (Gack, that makes it sound like I benefit monetarily or something if more people sign up.  I don’t.  I’m just saying that it would be nice to get a bunch of participation in this.)  So sign up!  Do the free trial!  (Which is where you will love me for showing you this awesome program.)  Tell your friends!  I will love you forever.  :)  Really.  I mean it.

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