Yesterday, we went bowling with friends.  We all had a great time, particularly Elizabeth.  (And for my opinion, I had a good time in spite of the fact that it was one of the noisiest buildings I’ve been inside in a long time.  I do not like noise.)

Firstly, did you have any idea how dangerous a place a crowded bowling alley is for a toddler?  Yikes.  All those people throwing really heavy balls around.  Especially the part where people swing their arm backwards right before throwing the ball down the lane.  I mean, yikes.  I barely focused on anything else the entire time we were there besides keeping Elizabeth in her chair.

Elizabeth and I bowled together and she thought it was one of the greatest things she’s ever done.  She particularly liked the part where our group clapped for her after she “threw” the ball.  (Okay, after I pushed the ball down the lane.  We walked up, put the ball carefully on the floor, she gave it a shove, and then I quickly and surreptitiously gave it another shove so that it would actually make it down the lane.)

Elizabeth’s favorite part of the afternoon though, was wearing her rented “bolden shoes.”  They were green.  And she was adorable.  And when it was time to leave, I told her that we had to give the shoes back and she said “and I will say TANK YOU to the man for letting me borrow my bolden shoes!”  And when she handed the shoes back, she said exactly that, “tank you, man, for letting me borrow my bolden shoes.”