Summer Camp, Day Nineteen

Day 19– How do you (and your partner if applicable) feel about PDA? Does your husband/wife/partner know that you blog and if so are they involved?

Ah, the Public Making Out.  Or Public Groping.  I do not like it.  I do not do it.  We didn’t do it even when we were teenagers with nowhere private to be.  (Remember, Matt and I have been dating since we were sixteen.  We are now thirty.)  We hold hands, we will occasionally kiss in public, but not anything gross.

Featured PDA Story:  Before our wedding, my little sister asked my college roommate “ew, have you even ever SEEN them kiss?”  My roommate said “of course, I have…wait.  No, I haven’t.”

Matt does know that I blog and he occasionally reads.  (Mostly when I post a link on Twitter, he follows me on Twitter.)  I think he’s been reading more often lately (Hi, Matt!) because he’s known about a few things I’ve written about lately.  He’s not involved in my blog, except for the few times that I have gotten him to write guest posts, but even that was YEARS ago.

This post is part of Calliope’s Summer Camp.