"I Need Some Fruit"

Elizabeth has been asking me for snacks all afternoon.  Since we joined a produce co-op this week (and got our first delivery yesterday), I keep asking her if she’d like some fruit.  She said yes, so I got her an apple.  (She’s also already had some yogurt bites and a hot dog.)

But she kept asking me for fruit.  “Mama, I need some FRUIT.  I need some fruit!”  So I asked if she’d like some strawberries or peaches.  She answered “no, I need some fruit!”  I told her that strawberries and peaches ARE fruit.  She wrinkled up her forehead and kept asking for fruit.

Then I realized that she was asking for fruit snacks.  She used to call them candies (which, let’s be frank, they are), but the other day, I called them fruit snacks in front of her and she started calling them fruit.

I told her that we don’t have any fruit snacks.  So she told me that she’d type on my computer instead.  So, I present a post by Elizabeth the Great:

b n jwomd doa lwi39034sjkp sel 929 sdfk

(B is for baby.  N is for noodle.  The rest was just her typing random keys.)