Summer Camp, Day Twenty One

Day 21– What names would you NEVER name a child or pet? What name do you wish you had been named? Do you like the name of your blog?

I’m sure there are thousands of names I would never name a child or pet.  Let’s see, though, I can talk about a few names that I love that I would never actually use though.  The first name on my list that I love that I will never use is Angelina.  There’s a song I really like from years ago with the name Angelina in it.  (This song.  But don’t judge me, the words are weird.)  But then Angelina Jolie got all popular.  And also, I married Matt, who A) doesn’t like the name very much and B) has a last name that makes the name Angelina FAR too weird when combined with it.  Our last name makes it into a theme name and not in a good way.  In a weird way.

There are dozens of other names that I have long loved, but then something happened to them that ruined them for me.  I’ve also always loved the name Isabella (I knew an Isabella, who was SOOO cute, a long time ago) but it became too trendy for me.  I liked the name Jason, but then I met a bunch of Jasons that I did not like.  (Like a lot of them.  Just one or two wouldn’t have done it.)  There are a few names I like too, but they are too close to family names.  In fact, Matt and his brothers have three of my favorite boy names and his mom has a name that is too similar to the name I almost named Elizabeth.  (Might have, but it was too similar.)

I like my name.  I wish it weren’t quite so popular, I spent a long time in my childhood being referred to with an initial at the end.  When there were only two Jennifers in my class, it was always “and which one of you will be Jenny?”  (DO NOT CALL ME JENNY.  I never liked it.)  I’m resigned to being one of many Jens now though.  (That is why I comment with HereWeGoAJen, so you will know me apart from all the other Jens.)

I love the name of my blog.  For the first month or two that I was writing, my blog had no real title.  (It said Jen’s Blog at the top.)  I wanted to think hard about what to name my blog.  I wanted something that would fit then and now.  My only blog regret is that it is common enough that I couldn’t get herewegoagain as my dot com name.  Or my email address.  But I don’t mind using the AJen instead of Again, so I’m good.  Also, apparently unlike a bunch of you, I never sing that song in my head when typing my blog name.  Sorry about that…

This post is part of Calliope’s Summer Camp.