Friday Night Leftovers

  • We had an impromptu pajama party at our house this morning.  A couple of days ago, I emailed a few people, called a few people, and talked to a few people in person and invited everyone to come over in their pajamas this morning for pancakes and a movie.
  • Honestly, is there anything cuter than a batch of toddlers in their pajamas?  Also, I am astounded at how many pancakes they went through.
  • For the first hour of the party, Elizabeth sat in Matt’s big chair, covered up with a blanket, with a plate of pancakes in her lap, and basically held court.
  • Exhibit A:
  • We had a good week this week.  Lots of fun stuff, but not too much.
  • Courtney and I are going out to dinner tonight.  By ourselves.  I KNOW!  We are going to eat a whole meal without standing up once and no one at the table will have a sippy cup.
  • I’m still working on decorating and organizing and just getting our house to feel like we live here, instead of like we are staying here.  I am planning another trip to IKEA next week to help facilitate that.
  • At the Children’s Museum this week, I saw these really great kid aprons that were size adjustable.  Plus, they’d be super easy to make.  I’d say that I’d make one myself, but I know I am not really going to do that.  (Elizabeth already owns two aprons in her size.)  Ah ha!  I knew someone on Etsy would have figured this out already.  It adjusted like this.
  • I realized I haven’t done any more questions from my Questions Post in a while.  I’ll get right on it!

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