"What Are We Going To Do Today?"

Every morning, Elizabeth asks me “what are we going to do today?”  This started fairly recently, after she started asking me “what are we going to do tomorrow?” before she went to sleep at night.  I’ve always said “now, go to sleep and tomorrow we will… (insert something fun here).”  So she picked up on that and started asking me at night and then in the morning.

Well, this morning, we didn’t have any specific plans.  So when she asked me what we were going to do today, I asked her what she would like to do.  She thought for a second and declared “go bolden and borrow some bolden shoes and get some spicy yemonade.”

(Spicy yemonade, in case you didn’t know, is a Cherry Limeade from Sonic.  And yes, if you don’t have Sonic, you are missing out.  Dibits and I have been splitting the large size and we’ve been finishing it.)

Well, that was a very clear and well thought out plan.  We didn’t actually take her bolden, but we did get her a spicy yemonade and we drove to the far away mall (which has a Disney Store, where Elizabeth became the proud owner of two rather nice new toys).  While we were there, we drove past the movie theater that has the IMAX and Matt mentioned that he was disappointed that he hadn’t seen his movie on IMAX yet, and that he wasn’t likely to be out this far away again before the movie wasn’t in theaters anymore.  I suggested that he go to it and Elizabeth and I would go see Winnie the Pooh.  We checked the times, and they worked, so we dropped Matt at the theater, went to lunch (Matt’s movie was about an hour and a half longer than Winnie the Pooh, so Dibits and I had time to have a nice lunch first), and then saw Winnie the Pooh together, with popcorn.

In case you are wondering, Winnie the Pooh was rather good and we both enjoyed it.  Elizabeth was adamant at the beginning that she did NOT want to see Pooh movie, she wanted to see Cars 2, so it took her a bit longer to warm up, but a few minutes in, she was good.  I was kind of surprised that it was more of a remake than a new plot, but it was still quite a quality movie.  I was a little put off that the voices weren’t quite right, but Winnie the Pooh was pretty good, so it didn’t bother me much (as Pooh does most of the talking).  And Christopher Robin didn’t look quite right and was much more untidy than I remember him being in the originals.

Anyway, it wasn’t bolden, but it was still a rather nice day.