Pop Quiz Answers

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Okay!  Let’s get started.

  • “Call me Vinny.”  “It says here your name is Todd.”  This quote is from My Blue Heaven.  We don’t think Steve Martin would even recognize this line.  The focus of the scene isn’t even on the two characters when this exchange takes place.
  • “Well, with your bad back, Ed, you really shouldn’t throw anyone.”  Ferris Bueller, obviously.
  • “You’re killing me, Smalls.”  The Sandlot.  Matt says this to me whenever I am being ridiculous.  (That is a lot.)
  • “Have we stopped?”  “Yes, sir, we’ve stopped.”  “Well, then why don’t we take a five minute break?”  This is from Spaceballs.  It is my favorite line in that movie.
  • “From the crippled children?!?”  Office Space.  I also totally forgot our top line from Office Space, which is “it becomes ours.”
  • “Tuna’s very rare here.”  See, this is technically not a movie line.  This is a line from Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up, but I use this line every time something is more expensive than it ought to be.
  • “Thank you, Grace, I think you’re wrong.”  Also Ferris Bueller.  Matt and I say this to each other whenever we think the other one is wrong.  “I put the car keys on the counter.”  “Thank you, Grace, I think you’re wrong.”  It’s just such a perfect matter of fact line.

Anyone want to share their favorite stolen movie dialogue?