Pop Quotes Quiz

Matt and I were talking last night about the movie quotes that we use all the time.  We were saying that a few of them were so obsolete that even the actors who originally said them probably wouldn’t recognize them.  So I’d like to know if you recognize any of our favorite movie quotes.

  • “Call me Vinny.”  “It says here your name is Todd.”
  • “Well, with your bad back, Ed, you really shouldn’t throw anyone.”
  • “You’re killing me, Smalls.”
  • “Have we stopped?”  “Yes, sir, we’ve stopped.”  “Well, then why don’t we take a five minute break?”
  • “From the crippled children?!?”
  • “Tuna’s very rare here.”
  • “Thank you, Grace, I think you’re wrong.”

I suspect that you’ll know a few of them.  And there are one or two that I doubt anyone can get.  I make no guarantees that I’ve gotten every single word right either.