In Which I Answer a Bunch of Questions

From MandaWhat flavor of ice cream? In a bowl or a cone? Sprinkles or no? Soft serve or hand-dipped?  My absolute favorite kind of ice cream is Heath bar.  Or vanilla with toffee pieces on top, which basically is Heath bar ice cream.  At Christmas I like peppermint ice cream.  A bowl or a cone depends on what kind of mood I am in, so it depends.  No sprinkles, sprinkles are totally gross.  And soft serve ice cream is also gross, hand-dipped is the only way to go.  (But actually, ice cream is not that big of a deal for me.  I can take it or leave it.  I mean, if it is served to me, I will totally eat it, but I don’t keep it in the house and I rarely buy it for myself.)

From Leanne-  Any pet peeves you’d like to share? Yes.  I have many pet peeves.  The one that has been bothering me a lot lately has to do with people on the highway.  Let’s say that we are all driving along, following the speed limit.  The speed limit is 70 mph.  (It is, on the highway by my house.)  We are traveling along, at 70 mph, NOT SPEEDING, when someone sees a police car pulled over on the side of the highway.  EVERYONE SLAMS ON THEIR BRAKES AND SLOWS WAY DOWN.

But why, people?  WHY?  You are NOT speeding.  You are doing NOTHING WRONG.  You do not have to slow down to 45 mph.  I suppose people are just so used to speeding that they automatically assume they need to slow down when they see a police car.

(And before someone tells me in the comments that it is good to slow down when you see the police pulled over for their safety, those are not the situations I am talking about.)

Another one of my pet peeves is people who call seasoned salt “sea salt.”  It is two entirely different things.  (I may possibly be married to one of these people.  But he does not slam on his brakes whenever he sees a police car.)

Best present you’ve ever received?  I have no idea.  Matt gives me a lot of really great presents.  Matt is an excellent present buyer.  I highly suggest marrying him, except that you can’t because I already did.  Let’s see, he once got custom frames for some pictures I love that are an odd size.  He bought me my first Disney painting that I love.  He got me a video camera.  Last Christmas, he got me all new stuff for our bathroom (towels, mats, etc.) AND a gift card for two massages.  Oh, plus new diamond earrings because I lost one of mine in a parking lot.  And he even remembers things like that I lost one of my diamond earrings in a parking lot, even though that was in May and Christmas is in December.

Favorite dessert/treat?  Chocolate chip cookies.  Soft, with milk chocolate chips, and with about half the called for chocolate chips.  I also like brownies.  Soft brownies that are still hot.  Mmm…

From Rebecca

I have a question about your hair. (Actually, I have two.) When your mom was visiting a couple months ago, you got a fancy hair treatment and never posted any pictures! How did it work out? Do you have any photos? Also, do you still wash your hair with only water? (I think that was three questions, actually.) 

Yes, I never did post any pictures.  That is because I never took any pictures.  Oops.  I just looked through all my pictures, but since I am always the one taking all the pictures, I am never in any of them.  And the ones I am in, don’t really show how my hair looked. I do have this picture, but you can’t really see my hair.  I can tell, because I am used to my hair, that it looks way less frizzy than normal and I don’t have those cork screws coming out the side of my head.

Anyway, I loved that hair treatment and when it totally wears off, I am going to get it again.  I finally understood what it was like not to hate your hair.

Yes, I still wash my hair with just water.  Sometimes I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar instead, if I’ve been particularly lazy and my hair… let’s just say it needs washing more than usual.  But if I keep on top of it, I use only water.

Unrelatedly: What is your favourite thing to do on a date with your husband? (And if, like me, you don’t get those very often with a baby, what would be your favourite date assuming you had an awesome babysitter?)

I like going out to dinner.  And yes, we don’t get to go out alone very often. (Um, let’s see, when was the last time… December.  We went out to Matt’s Christmas party in December.)   Elizabeth goes with us pretty much everywhere and we are fine with that.  We do want to go see the new Harry Potter movie though, so we will have to find a babysitter somewhere.

From Christina- It looks like my questions were taken! I was going to ask if you still weren’t using shampoo and how did your hair turn out after the fancy hair treatment?  Yep, see above.

Also if you could live any place in the world right now where would it be and why?  I don’t want to move, so right here.  And actually, I love our little town.  I do miss the stuff around Orlando, like how we could go to Disney on the weekend or just stop by Sea World.  Northern California is my favorite place I’ve ever lived, but I am not sure I could handle the cost of living there as an adult.  (I last lived there the summer before I got married and lived in my parents’ house and ate all their food.)

From LindseyWhat do you do when you can’t figure out what to write about?  What are you talking about?  I never run out of things to write about.  🙂