Four Slightly Related Pictures

Matt came home from work the other night and exclaimed “what kind of horrible accident happened here?!?”  We decided that all the little people were riding on the double decker bus when the eighteen wheeler cut them off, jack-knifed across the highway, and all the little people fell out of the bus and were strewn across the roadway.  Luckily, all the little people are made out of plastic and were not injured.  (Also, they all have the benefit of being imaginary.)

After the traffic accident, Matt and Dibits cuddled.

Last night, we found TWO lizards on our bird feeder.  (Poor birds.  Our feeders have been empty for weeks.)  Elizabeth was delighted, yelling “TWO REAL PASCALS!”  And then she looked solemnly at me and declared “the real Rapunzel is coming to our house soon too.”  (Pascal is from Tangled.)

I suspect these two lizards were engaged in making some more lizards.  (Picture taken through the window and the window screen.  Sorry for the blurriness.)

Elizabeth will show you the two Pascals.