I am feeling better today but I am not yet sure if that is because I am actually better or if it is because I am just caught up on the painkillers I’ve been taking.

You are reminded that the Summer Block Party Giveaway ends on Sunday.  So go enter while you have the chance!  And also check your entries to make sure that you’ve left a comment for each entry (or two separate comments if you signed up for the free trial).  Also, make sure you’ve done the mandatory entry on someone’s blog (it doesn’t need to be my blog) because we will be checking for that if you win.

With this giveaway having fifteen different ways to enter and ten different prizes to win, you still have rather good odds of winning something, so if you haven’t signed up yet, do it!  And the more I use AboutOne, the more I am loving it, so I definitely suggest signing up for the free trial and giving it a try.  When the free trial I got for trying this out is over, I am definitely going to buy it and keep using it.

Disclaimer: AboutOne gave me a free trial, but didn’t require me to write about it (I’m mean, I am sure they were hoping I would) and all these opinions are my own.  I’ve been raving about it because I really think I’ve discovered something awesome here.