Completely Unseasonable

Did you notice that I got this fun little toy thing that puts links to “related posts” at the end of my posts?  Well, I love it and I am forever clicking around on it.  (Yes, on my own blog, whatever.)

Anyway, I was clicking around on that and it took me to a Christmas post.  And I remembered that I’ve been meaning to do my Christmas prep for my daily Christmas activities.  (Please see this book for my inspiration.  YEARS I have been waiting to do this.)  Last year, I kind of only half did it because we were SO busy with all the company and Thanksgiving and Elizabeth’s birthday and basically, it was the busiest Christmas season ever, including the one that Elizabeth was born during.  So I swore last year that I would be more prepared this year.  And that means doing it months in advance.  I actually already wrapped, labeled, and put aside the Christmas themed books for her to open some days.

So, I need ideas from you lovely internet people.  The point of this activity is to do one Christmas themed activity each day in December to get ready for Christmas.  A few of last year’s highlights were a gingerbread house, getting Elizabeth’s picture with Santa, going for walks at night to look at Christmas lights, etc.  When I get a good list made up, I will post it here so that you can all join us.  And then I promise to blog the whole thing too, of course.