Christmas Prep List- Intermediately Finished

I’ve been working on my list of Christmas Advent Activities since my last post. Here’s what I have so far.

  1. Open a Christmas story and read it.
  2. Bake cookies.
  3. Visit Santa.
  4. Decorate a gingerbread house.
  5. Look at Christmas lights.
  6. Open Advent Calendar.
  7. Make homemade hot chocolate.
  8. Go Christmas shopping.
  9. Wrap presents.
  10. Have friends over for a Christmas party.
  11. Watch a Christmas movie.
  12. Shop for a toy for Toys for Tots/Angel Tree.
  13. Take cookies to the fire station.
  14. Make  paper snowflakes.
  15. Make a popcorn string for tree.
  16. Make a pinecone wreath.
  17. Have a Christmas breakfast.
  18. Watch a Christmas movie.
  19. Make Christmas ornaments.
  20. Candy Cane hunt.
  21. Breakfast with Santa

I am most excited about our new addition of a Candy Cane Hunt. It’s the Christmas version of the Easter Egg hunt. We’ll stick candy canes outside and give the kids baskets and let them go wild. As Anonymouse pointed out to me on Twitter, candy canes in the ground at Christmas was thought up by someone who lives in the unfrozen south. Which is obviously very true. But I see no reason why you have to actually stick the candy canes into the ground. You could stick them in the snow! Or on trees! Or just scatter them about on the bare frozen ground! No matter how we end up doing it, I think we’ve got a winner.

Any more additions to the Christmas prep list? It obviously will be undergoing some additional editing and revising. I should also point out that items are in no particular order.