Cute Baby Sunday

Today, a friend volunteered to watch Elizabeth and Matt and I went out for our anniversary.  (Which isn’t until Wednesday.)  We went to lunch and then to see the new Harry Potter movie.  It was rather odd to go out by ourselves.  I actually felt guilty for the first twenty minutes or so.  Then I got over it.  🙂

For Cute Baby Saturday Sunday this week, I have a picture of my baby with a bun in her hair.  How is it even possible that she is big enough for THAT?

It’s a good thing she’s still got some of her cheekies left to balance out that grown up hairdo.

Also, yesterday, Elizabeth opened the mailbox to find a present addressed just to her!  (Imagine her delight!)  It was from one of my best friends, Maria.   I was going to take a picture of her opening it, but by the time I got the camera out, she’d already gotten it open all by herself.

She was rather delighted with the contents.  Firstly, finger puppets!

And the softest animal of all time.  It’s made out of real alpaca.

I have a series of pictures where Elizabeth started out delighted and became more and more perplexed as she tried to figure out exactly what this was, being so much fancier than any other stuffed animal she’s ever run across.

Even though she appeared initially perplexed, she loves it.  Although it is so soft that I might have to steal it for my own.