Friday Night Leftovers

  • I’m being domestic today.  I haven’t been very domestic this week and it turns out things like clean clothes and clean dishes are finite resources.
  • Anyone have anything like this?  Do you recommend or not recommend?
  • Recently, Elizabeth and Matt were cuddling and Matt rubbed noses with her.  She paused, pulled back, looked right at him and said “this is a GOOD IDEA!”  So now they do “noses” all the time.
  • Remember when I said I was being domestic today?  (Yes, obviously you do, it was just a smidge up there.  You are probably reading this all at once.  I’ve been writing one line at a time over a period of hours.)  I just cleaned off the top of the refrigerator (that is where toys go for time out) and washed it.
  • Yesterday, we had a bunch of friends over to make I Spy Bags.  (There are tutorials all over the internet, so I didn’t do one myself.)  It was busy but fun.  And two of the moms who came said that these types of activities were exactly what they pictured themselves doing when they became moms.  I KNOW.  I get all teary eyed.  (And hi!  You two read here!)
  • I’m syndicated on BlogHer today!  Whoo!

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