Cute Baby Saturday

The cute baby accidentally hit herself in the face with her guitar.  (She recovered quickly.  She does still have a bruise there now though.)

Yes, a two and a half year old can still take baths in the kitchen sink.  She looks comfortable, yes?

Elizabeth’s best friend temporarily moved away.  (Thank goodness, he is coming back.)  They talked to each other on Skype and it was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  “Hi, Wibef!”  “Hi, Isaac!”  “I miss you, Wibef!”  “I miss you, Isaac!”  “I wuv you, Wibef!”  “I wuv you, Isaac!”  Then they just told each other that they loved each other pretty much for the rest of the call.

The cute baby likes to snuggle with her daddy in the big bed before she goes to bed.  This is last night, after we went out to dinner.