Sunday Song

Before I write about what I meant to write about today, we got rear ended earlier.  Luckily, it was no big deal.  We were pulling forward to turn right in a right turn lane, a car was coming straight, so Matt stopped, but the teenager behind us didn’t.  No damage to our car except for a scratch where our bumper obviously crunched a bit and then straightened back out.  Elizabeth is fine, I think with her car seat rear facing and her in a five point harness, she barely moved.  She was a bit disturbed by the loud noise (and Matt getting pretty upset), but I got right out and went to her and we both told the other car not to do that again and that hitting us wasn’t nice and it needs a timeout.  Matt and I got slung about a bit, but we both had our seat belts on.  While we were waiting for the other driver to write down his information, Matt leaned over to me and said “my back is hurting.”  And I replied “I’m glad you said something because mine is too and I thought it was all in my head.”  So I suspect we will be a little sore tomorrow, but no big deal.  The teenager who hit us kept saying things like “it’s lucky I only tapped you” and we were like “um, right.”  He was in a large Jeep with a huge grill thing on the front and obviously he got a lot less of a jolt than we did.

Lifetime tally-

Jen in car accidents where she is rear ended through no fault of her own:  4

Jen in car accidents where it was her fault: 0

Jen in a bad car accident: 0

Jen’s car in a car accident when Jen was not in it: 1  (My sister was driving it.)


And now on to the main attraction!  Matt found a new song that I LOVE.  It’s called Goodnight Moon, by Go Radio .  It’s beautiful.


Here’s the chorus:

So goodnight moon and goodnight you when you’re all that I think about
All that I dream about, how’d I ever breathe without
A goodnight kiss from goodnight you
The kind of hope they all talk about, The kinda feeling we sing about
Sit in our bedroom and read aloud like a passage from Goodnight Moon

When I first listened to it, I was reminded of a quote from a book I read years ago.  It’s something like ‘I can’t believe more love songs aren’t written about the love between a parent and a child.’  When I got home, I looked up the lyrics, and obviously this is a regular man-woman love song, but I can pretend it isn’t.  (Also, who seriously tries to romance a woman by referencing Goodnight Moon?)