The Day of Super Mom

Yesterday, I was totally supermom.  When we got up, I made Elizabeth some rainbow pancakes to order.  Then we baked cinnamon muffins (which are fantastic, by the way) and brownies.  After that, I packed a picnic lunch and took Elizabeth to the playground.  We ate lunch in the gazebo, played on the swings and slide, and then rode Elizabeth’s tricycle around.

After lunch, we rested and read some books.  Later, I made two lasagnas from scratch, baked one for dinner and froze the other for later. I also made broccoli and zucchini to go with it.  (Normally, when I make lasagna, it takes so much work that all we have for dinner is lasagna.  On leftover lasagna day, we usually have things like garlic bread and salad to go with it.)

Today, I cleaned all the floors (vacuumed and steam mopped) and we are babysitting one of Elizabeth’s best friends.  So I loaded both girls in the wagon and took them to the playground.  I discovered that the playground in an eight minute walk from our house and that my uphill wagon pulling leg muscles are terribly out of shape.

If I do some laundry this afternoon, I will be batting a thousand for Super Mom status.  And as I was writing this, Elizabeth dumped her cup of milk on top of the other little girl’s head.  You know, in case you thought it was seeming too perfect around here.