Friday Night Leftovers- Baby Food Jar Edition

  • Firstly, I need snack suggestions.  We are taking a trip to Disney World in a couple of weeks and I want to figure out some snacks for the trip.  Elizabeth requires lots of fuel to remain un-cranky, so I carry a lot of snacks with us when we travel.  My main stipulation is that they are healthy snacks though, since we will be eating a lot of other junk while we travel.  I am planning on making a trip to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Costco, and/or Sams Club before we go.  Non-perishables are best.  Go leave a comment with ideas right now before you read the rest of this so that you don’t forget.
  • Plus, our regular at-home snacking could use some fresh ideas too.
  • Today, we went to the mall.  There was an older man leaning up against the column outside the mall near the entrance.  As we walked by, he took out nail clippers and started to cut his nails.
  • I’m working on a project that I needed some baby food jars for.  Elizabeth is obviously past the baby food stage, plus she just ate what we ate so we never actually bought her baby food in jars.  So I asked my moms group if anyone had any.  I got two responses and picked them up today.  (This is a lot of back story for no real reason.)  I think she’d been storing them in her garage and a few of them weren’t that clean to begin with, so I have spent the afternoon cleaning and disinfecting about two dozen baby food jars.  (They are doing their final soak in the sink right now.)
  • Yes, you don’t have to ask, I will post the baby food jar project on here when I am finished.  Do I ever do anything good that I don’t share with you guys?  (Answer: no, I show you everything I do that is interesting.)
  • Did you know that cleaning and removing labels from a whole bunch of jars makes your back sore between your shoulders?

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