I Need a Loaner

I have absolutely dreadful news.  I had to take my camera into the shop.  The focus thingy was all out of whack and it wasn’t letting me focus anymore.  (There was some kind of disconnect between the actual camera focus and the focus I could see through the eyepiece.  So sometimes my pictures were in focus but I couldn’t tell until I downloaded them to the computer.  Which meant that sometimes they weren’t in focus.)

Do you realize what this means?  For two whole weeks, I cannot take a single picture.

No pictures.  TWO WEEKS.

I am totally lost.  Do you know how many cute things Elizabeth has done since I dropped the camera off on Sunday?  Or how many things I would have written about here?  I don’t even have one of those phones that takes pictures.  I have no available cameras at all.  I’ve had my giant camera for almost four years now (and thank you, camera, for developing this problem only months before my warranty runs out, I do love you for that) and I haven’t used another camera since then. As I was walking out to the parking lot, camera-less, I told Matt I couldn’t believe that they didn’t have loaner cameras while mine was in the shop.  (Matt thinks I am crazy.)

I did make the poor woman at the service desk swear that my camera would be back before we took our trip to Disney.